We generate and sell finance, new, and used car leads.

1. Contact rates are well above 90%, allowing you to spend less time calling and more time selling cars.
2. Return rates for replacement is around 3% to 7%, a testament to the quality of our work.
3. Leads are organically generated for you.
4. Leads are exclusive to you and are not sold over and over again.
5. Leads have a completed credit application with permission for you to pull credit.
6. Leads can be filtered by income, age, and distance from your dealership.
7. Leads are verified before we send them to your CRM, one of the reasons for the high contact rates.


Customers will take your calls. They know they filled out an application and are ready to make an appointment to purchase a vehicle. Your staff will spend less time on wasted calls, having customers tell them they are not interested or didn’t apply. BDC and sales personnel like calling our leads because they get positive responses.

The Direct 2 Dealer staff has worked on award-winning creative campaigns for some of the largest automotive dealerships in the U.S.

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