Thanks to technology, you have the ability to know when every sub-prime and near-prime consumer in your marketing area has a credit bureau pulled by a competitor for the purpose of automobile financing.

Once a targeted consumer has a credit bureau pulled, a notification is triggered, advising you that the consumer is in the market now.

Every morning a fresh list of these shoppers becomes available. This is one of the most targeted lists available and the response rates prove it. As most people know, you are lucky to get a 1% response from any traditional mail campaign. It’s pretty common to see response rates from 4% to 7% from a properly run trigger program.

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Many of these consumers have phone numbers that are not on the national “do not call” list. That means your sales staff or your BDC can contact them the day after they shopped, even before they receive the Firm Offer of Credit in the mail. When they receive a call notifying them that they have been pre-qualified for automobile financing at a dealership near them, they will most likely think that you don’t know they were shopping elsewhere, and they will happily listen to your offer.

The Direct 2 Dealer staff has worked on award-winning creative campaigns for some of the largest automotive dealerships in the U.S.

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